2021 NFL Schedule

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View the 2021 NFL schedule containing every matchup, game time and TV networks. The complete list is organized by week and by team.

For 2021, teams will be playing 17 games for a total of 18 weeks. Two international games are on the menu. The Atlanta Falcons will play the New York Jets on Oct. 10, and the Jacksonville Jaguars will face off against the Miami Dolphins on Oct. 17. Both games will be played at London’s Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. The extra week of the regular season include TBD times and teams for the 2 games to be played on Saturday and the Monday night game.

Search by NFL team (eg: use city name like Miami, use nickname for cities with multiple teams like Giants or Rams.) for any team’s complete schedule. Search by weeks (eg: W01, W10, etc) to see each week’s games. Search by days of the week to show all Thursday or Monday night games. Search for “London” games, or by network like CBS, FOX, NFLN, etc. You can also sort by each column if you like. Enjoy!

2022-2023 season NFL games schedule >

WeeksDateMatchupTime (ET)TV Network
W0109/09 ThursdayDallas at Tampa Bay8:20 p.m.NBC
W0109/12 SundayPhiladelphia at Atlanta1:00 p.m.FOX
W0109/12 SundayPittsburgh at Buffalo1:00 p.m.CBS
W0109/12 SundayN.Y. Jets at Carolina1:00 p.m.CBS
W0109/12 SundayMinnesota at Cincinnati1:00 p.m.FOX
W0109/12 SundaySan Francisco at Detroit1:00 p.m.FOX
W0109/12 SundayJacksonville at Houston1:00 p.m.CBS
W0109/12 SundaySeattle at Indianapolis1:00 p.m.FOX
W0109/12 SundayArizona at Tennessee1:00 p.m.CBS
W0109/12 SundayL.A. Chargers at Washington1:00 p.m.CBS
W0109/12 SundayCleveland at Kansas City4:25 p.m.CBS
W0109/12 SundayMiami at New England4:25 p.m.CBS
W0109/12 SundayGreen Bay at New Orleans4:25 p.m.FOX
W0109/12 SundayDenver at N.Y. Giants4:25 p.m.FOX
W0109/12 SundayChicago at L.A. Rams8:20 p.m.NBC
W0109/13 MondayBaltimore at Las Vegas8:15 p.m.ESPN/ABC
W0209/16 ThursdayN.Y. Giants at Washington8:20 p.m.NFLN
W0209/19 SundayNew Orleans at Carolina1:00 p.m.FOX
W0209/19 SundayCincinnati at Chicago1:00 p.m.FOX
W0209/19 SundayHouston at Cleveland1:00 p.m.CBS
W0209/19 SundayL.A. Rams at Indianapolis1:00 p.m.FOX
W0209/19 SundayDenver at Jacksonville1:00 p.m.CBS
W0209/19 SundayBuffalo at Miami1:00 p.m.FOX
W0209/19 SundayNew England at N.Y. Jets1:00 p.m.CBS
W0209/19 SundaySan Francisco at Philadelphia1:00 p.m.FOX
W0209/19 SundayLas Vegas at Pittsburgh1:00 p.m.CBS
W0209/19 SundayMinnesota at Arizona4:05 p.m.FOX
W0209/19 SundayAtlanta at Tampa Bay4:05 p.m.FOX
W0209/19 SundayDallas at L.A. Chargers4:25 p.m.CBS
W0209/19 SundayTennessee at Seattle4:25 p.m.CBS
W0209/19 SundayKansas City at Baltimore8:20 p.m.NBC
W0209/20 MondayDetroit at Green Bay8:15 p.m.ESPN
W0309/24 ThursdayCarolina at Houston8:20 p.m.NFLN
W0309/26 SundayWashington at Buffalo1:00 p.m.FOX
W0309/26 SundayChicago at Cleveland1:00 p.m.FOX
W0309/26 SundayBaltimore at Detroit1:00 p.m.CBS
W0309/26 SundayArizona at Jacksonville1:00 p.m.FOX
W0309/26 SundayL.A. Chargers at Kansas City1:00 p.m.CBS
W0309/26 SundayNew Orleans at New England1:00 p.m.FOX
W0309/26 SundayAtlanta at N.Y. Giants1:00 p.m.FOX
W0309/26 SundayCincinnati at Pittsburgh1:00 p.m.CBS
W0309/26 SundayIndianapolis at Tennessee1:00 p.m.CBS
W0309/26 SundayN.Y. Jets at Denver4:05 p.m.CBS
W0309/26 SundayMiami at Las Vegas4:05 p.m.CBS
W0309/26 SundayTampa Bay at L.A. Rams4:25 p.m.FOX
W0309/26 SundaySeattle at Minnesota4:25 p.m.FOX
W0309/26 SundayGreen Bay at San Francisco8:20 p.m.NBC
W0309/27 MondayPhiladelphia at Dallas8:20 p.m.ESPN
W0409/30 ThursdayJacksonville at Cincinnati8:20 p.m.NFLN
W0410/03 SundayWashington at Atlanta1:00 p.m.FOX
W0410/03 SundayHouston at Buffalo1:00 p.m.CBS
W0410/03 SundayDetroit at Chicago1:00 p.m.FOX
W0410/03 SundayCarolina at Dallas1:00 p.m.FOX
W0410/03 SundayIndianapolis at Miami1:00 p.m.CBS
W0410/03 SundayCleveland at Minnesota1:00 p.m.CBS
W0410/03 SundayN.Y. Giants at New Orleans1:00 p.m.FOX
W0410/03 SundayTennessee at N.Y. Jets1:00 p.m.CBS
W0410/03 SundayKansas City at Philadelphia1:00 p.m.CBS
W0410/03 SundayArizona at L.A. Rams4:05 p.m.FOX
W0410/03 SundaySeattle at San Francisco4:05 p.m.FOX
W0410/03 SundayBaltimore at Denver4:25 p.m.CBS
W0410/03 SundayPittsburgh at Green Bay4:25 p.m.CBS
W0410/03 SundayTampa Bay at New England8:20 p.m.NBC
W0410/04 MondayLas Vegas at L.A. Chargers8:15 p.m.ESPN
W0510/07 ThursdayL.A. Rams at Seattle8:20 p.m.FOX/NFLN/AMAZON**
W0510/10 SundayN.Y. Jets vs. Atlanta (London)9:30 a.m.NFLN
W0510/10 SundayPhiladelphia at Carolina1:00 p.m.FOX
W0510/10 SundayGreen Bay at Cincinnati1:00 p.m.FOX
W0510/10 SundayNew England at Houston1:00 p.m.CBS
W0510/10 SundayTennessee at Jacksonville1:00 p.m.CBS
W0510/10 SundayDetroit at Minnesota1:00 p.m.FOX
W0510/10 SundayDenver at Pittsburgh1:00 p.m.FOX
W0510/10 SundayMiami at Tampa Bay1:00 p.m.CBS
W0510/10 SundayNew Orleans at Washington1:00 p.m.CBS
W0510/10 SundayCleveland at L.A. Chargers4:05 p.m.CBS
W0510/10 SundayChicago at Las Vegas4:05 p.m.CBS
W0510/10 SundaySan Francisco at Arizona4:25 p.m.FOX
W0510/10 SundayN.Y. Giants at Dallas4:25 p.m.FOX
W0510/10 SundayBuffalo at Kansas City8:20 p.m.NBC*
W0510/11 MondayIndianapolis at Baltimore8:15 p.m.ESPN
W0610/14 ThursdayTampa Bay at Philadelphia8:20 p.m.FOX/NFLN/AMAZON**
W0610/17 SundayMiami vs. Jacksonville (London)9:30 a.m.CBS
W0610/17 SundayL.A. Chargers at Baltimore1:00 p.m.CBS
W0610/17 SundayMinnesota at Carolina1:00 p.m.FOX
W0610/17 SundayGreen Bay at Chicago1:00 p.m.FOX
W0610/17 SundayCincinnati at Detroit1:00 p.m.FOX
W0610/17 SundayHouston at Indianapolis1:00 p.m.CBS
W0610/17 SundayL.A. Rams at N.Y. Giants1:00 p.m.FOX
W0610/17 SundayKansas City at Washington1:00 p.m.CBS
W0610/17 SundayArizona at Cleveland4:05 p.m.FOX
W0610/17 SundayLas Vegas at Denver4:25 p.m.CBS
W0610/17 SundayDallas at New England4:25 p.m.CBS
W0610/17 SundaySeattle at Pittsburgh8:20 p.m.NBC*
W0610/18 MondayBuffalo at Tennessee8:15 p.m.ESPN
W0710/21 ThursdayDenver at Cleveland8:20 p.m.FOX/NFLN/AMAZON**
W0710/24 SundayCincinnati at Baltimore1:00 p.m.CBS
W0710/24 SundayWashington at Green Bay1:00 p.m.FOX
W0710/24 SundayAtlanta at Miami1:00 p.m.FOX
W0710/24 SundayN.Y. Jets at New England1:00 p.m.CBS
W0710/24 SundayCarolina at N.Y. Giants1:00 p.m.FOX
W0710/24 SundayKansas City at Tennessee1:00 p.m.CBS
W0710/24 SundayDetroit at L.A. Rams4:05 p.m.FOX
W0710/24 SundayPhiladelphia at Las Vegas4:05 p.m.FOX
W0710/24 SundayHouston at Arizona4:25 p.m.CBS
W0710/24 SundayChicago at Tampa Bay4:25 p.m.CBS
W0710/24 SundayIndianapolis at San Francisco8:20 p.m.NBC*
W0710/25 MondayNew Orleans at Seattle8:15 p.m.ESPN
W0810/28 ThursdayGreen Bay at Arizona8:20 p.m.FOX/NFLN/AMAZON**
W0810/31 SundayCarolina at Atlanta1:00 p.m.FOX
W0810/31 SundayMiami at Buffalo1:00 p.m.CBS
W0810/31 SundaySan Francisco at Chicago1:00 p.m.FOX
W0810/31 SundayPittsburgh at Cleveland1:00 p.m.CBS
W0810/31 SundayPhiladelphia at Detroit1:00 p.m.FOX
W0810/31 SundayL.A. Rams at Houston1:00 p.m.FOX
W0810/31 SundayTennessee at Indianapolis1:00 p.m.CBS
W0810/31 SundayCincinnati at N.Y. Jets1:00 p.m.CBS
W0810/31 SundayNew England at L.A. Chargers4:05 p.m.CBS
W0810/31 SundayJacksonville at Seattle4:05 p.m.CBS
W0810/31 SundayWashington at Denver4:25 p.m.FOX
W0810/31 SundayTampa Bay at New Orleans4:25 p.m.FOX
W0810/31 SundayDallas at Minnesota8:20 p.m.NBC*
W0811/01 MondayN.Y. Giants at Kansas City8:15 p.m.ESPN
W0911/04 ThursdayN.Y. Jets at Indianapolis8:20 p.m.FOX/NFLN/AMAZON**
W0911/07 SundayMinnesota at Baltimore1:00 p.m.FOX
W0911/07 SundayNew England at Carolina1:00 p.m.CBS
W0911/07 SundayCleveland at Cincinnati1:00 p.m.CBS
W0911/07 SundayDenver at Dallas1:00 p.m.FOX
W0911/07 SundayBuffalo at Jacksonville1:00 p.m.CBS
W0911/07 SundayHouston at Miami1:00 p.m.FOX
W0911/07 SundayAtlanta at New Orleans1:00 p.m.FOX
W0911/07 SundayLas Vegas at N.Y. Giants1:00 p.m.CBS
W0911/07 SundayL.A. Chargers at Philadelphia4:05 p.m.CBS
W0911/07 SundayGreen Bay at Kansas City4:25 p.m.FOX
W0911/07 SundayArizona at San Francisco4:25 p.m.FOX
W0911/07 SundayTennessee at L.A. Rams8:20 p.m.NBC*
W0911/08 MondayChicago at Pittsburgh8:15 p.m.ESPN
W1011/11 ThursdayBaltimore at Miami8:20 p.m.FOX/NFLN/AMAZON**
W1011/14 SundayAtlanta at Dallas1:00 p.m.FOX
W1011/14 SundayJacksonville at Indianapolis1:00 p.m.CBS
W1011/14 SundayCleveland at New England1:00 p.m.CBS
W1011/14 SundayBuffalo at N.Y. Jets1:00 p.m.CBS
W1011/14 SundayDetroit at Pittsburgh1:00 p.m.FOX
W1011/14 SundayNew Orleans at Tennessee1:00 p.m.CBS
W1011/14 SundayTampa Bay at Washington1:00 p.m.FOX
W1011/14 SundayCarolina at Arizona4:05 p.m.FOX
W1011/14 SundayMinnesota at L.A. Chargers4:05 p.m.FOX
W1011/14 SundayPhiladelphia at Denver4:25 p.m.CBS
W1011/14 SundaySeattle at Green Bay4:25 p.m.CBS
W1011/14 SundayKansas City at Las Vegas8:20 p.m.NBC*
W1011/15 MondayL.A. Rams at San Francisco8:15 p.m.ESPN
W1111/18 ThursdayNew England at Atlanta8:20 p.m.FOX/NFLN/AMAZON**
W1111/21 SundayIndianapolis at Buffalo1:00 p.m.CBS
W1111/21 SundayWashington at Carolina1:00 p.m.FOX
W1111/21 SundayBaltimore at Chicago1:00 p.m.CBS
W1111/21 SundayDetroit at Cleveland1:00 p.m.FOX
W1111/21 SundaySan Francisco at Jacksonville1:00 p.m.FOX
W1111/21 SundayGreen Bay at Minnesota1:00 p.m.FOX
W1111/21 SundayMiami at N.Y. Jets1:00 p.m.CBS
W1111/21 SundayNew Orleans at Philadelphia1:00 p.m.FOX
W1111/21 SundayHouston at Tennessee1:00 p.m.CBS
W1111/21 SundayCincinnati at Las Vegas4:05 p.m.CBS
W1111/21 SundayDallas at Kansas City4:25 p.m.FOX
W1111/21 SundayArizona at Seattle4:25 p.m.FOX
W1111/21 SundayPittsburgh at L.A. Chargers8:20 p.m.NBC*
W1111/22 MondayN.Y. Giants at Tampa Bay8:15 p.m.ESPN
W1211/25 ThursdayChicago at Detroit (Thanksgiving)12:30 p.m.FOX
W1211/25 ThursdayLas Vegas at Dallas (Thanksgiving)4:30 p.m.CBS
W1211/25 ThursdayBuffalo at New Orleans (Thanksgiving)8:20 p.m.NBC
W1211/28 SundayPittsburgh at Cincinnati1:00 p.m.CBS
W1211/28 SundayN.Y. Jets at Houston1:00 p.m.CBS
W1211/28 SundayTampa Bay at Indianapolis1:00 p.m.FOX
W1211/28 SundayAtlanta at Jacksonville1:00 p.m.CBS
W1211/28 SundayCarolina at Miami1:00 p.m.FOX
W1211/28 SundayTennessee at New England1:00 p.m.CBS
W1211/28 SundayPhiladelphia at N.Y. Giants1:00 p.m.FOX
W1211/28 SundayL.A. Chargers at Denver4:05 p.m.CBS
W1211/28 SundayL.A. Rams at Green Bay4:25 p.m.FOX
W1211/28 SundayMinnesota at San Francisco4:25 p.m.FOX
W1211/28 SundayCleveland at Baltimore8:20 p.m.NBC*
W1211/29 MondaySeattle at Washington8:15 p.m.ESPN
W1312/02 ThursdayDallas at New Orleans8:20 p.m.FOX/NFLN/AMAZON**
W1312/05 SundayTampa Bay at Atlanta1:00 p.m.FOX
W1312/05 SundayArizona at Chicago1:00 p.m.FOX
W1312/05 SundayL.A. Chargers at Cincinnati1:00 p.m.FOX
W1312/05 SundayMinnesota at Detroit1:00 p.m.CBS
W1312/05 SundayIndianapolis at Houston1:00 p.m.CBS
W1312/05 SundayDenver at Kansas City1:00 p.m.CBS
W1312/05 SundayN.Y. Giants at Miami1:00 p.m.FOX
W1312/05 SundayPhiladelphia at N.Y. Jets1:00 p.m.CBS
W1312/05 SundayWashington at Las Vegas4:05 p.m.FOX
W1312/05 SundayJacksonville at L.A. Rams4:25 p.m.CBS
W1312/05 SundayBaltimore at Pittsburgh4:25 p.m.CBS
W1312/05 SundaySan Francisco at Seattle8:20 p.m.NBC*
W1312/06 MondayNew England at Buffalo8:15 p.m.ESPN
W1412/09 ThursdayPittsburgh at Minnesota8:20 p.m.FOX/NFLN/AMAZON**
W1412/12 SundayAtlanta at Carolina1:00 p.m.FOX
W1412/12 SundaySan Francisco at Cincinnati1:00 p.m.CBS
W1412/12 SundayBaltimore at Cleveland1:00 p.m.CBS
W1412/12 SundaySeattle at Houston1:00 p.m.FOX
W1412/12 SundayLas Vegas at Kansas City1:00 p.m.CBS
W1412/12 SundayNew Orleans at N.Y. Jets1:00 p.m.FOX
W1412/12 SundayJacksonville at Tennessee1:00 p.m.CBS
W1412/12 SundayDallas at Washington1:00 p.m.FOX
W1412/12 SundayDetroit at Denver4:05 p.m.FOX
W1412/12 SundayN.Y. Giants at L.A. Chargers4:05 p.m.FOX
W1412/12 SundayBuffalo at Tampa Bay4:25 p.m.CBS
W1412/12 SundayChicago at Green Bay8:20 p.m.NBC*
W1412/13 MondayL.A. Rams at Arizona8:15 p.m.ESPN
W1512/16 ThursdayKansas City at L.A. Chargers8:20 p.m.FOX/NFLN/AMAZON**
W1512/18 SaturdayNew England at Indianapolis8:15 p.m.NFLN
W1512/19 SundayN.Y. Jets at Miami1:00 p.m.CBS
W1512/19 SundayGreen Bay at Baltimore1:00 p.m.FOX
W1512/19 SundayArizona at Detroit1:00 p.m.FOX
W1512/19 SundayHouston at Jacksonville1:00 p.m.CBS
W1512/19 SundayCarolina at Buffalo1:00 p.m.FOX
W1512/19 SundayDallas at N.Y. Giants1:00 p.m.FOX
W1512/19 SundayTennessee at Pittsburgh1:00 p.m.CBS
W1512/19 SundayCincinnati at Denver4:05 p.m.CBS
W1512/19 SundayAtlanta at San Francisco4:05 p.m.CBS
W1512/19 SundayNew Orleans at Tampa Bay8:20 p.m.NBC*
W1512/20 MondayLas Vegas at Cleveland5:00 p.m.NFLN
W1512/20 MondayMinnesota at Chicago8:15 p.m.ESPN
W1512/21 TuesdaySeattle at L.A. Rams7:00 p.m.FOX
W1512/21 TuesdayWashington at Philadelphia7:00 p.m.FOX
W1612/23 ThursdaySan Francisco at Tennessee8:20 p.m.NFLN
W1612/25 SaturdayCleveland at Green Bay4:30 p.m.FOX/NFLN/AMAZON**
W1612/25 SaturdayIndianapolis at Arizona8:15 p.m.NFLN
W1612/26 SundayDetroit at Atlanta1:00 p.m.FOX
W1612/26 SundayTampa Bay at Carolina1:00 p.m.FOX
W1612/26 SundayBaltimore at Cincinnati1:00 p.m.CBS
W1612/26 SundayL.A. Chargers at Houston1:00 p.m.CBS
W1612/26 SundayL.A. Rams at Minnesota1:00 p.m.FOX
W1612/26 SundayBuffalo at New England1:00 p.m.CBS
W1612/26 SundayJacksonville at N.Y. Jets1:00 p.m.CBS
W1612/26 SundayN.Y. Giants at Philadelphia1:00 p.m.FOX
W1612/26 SundayChicago at Seattle4:05 p.m.FOX
W1612/26 SundayPittsburgh at Kansas City4:25 p.m.CBS
W1612/26 SundayDenver at Las Vegas4:25 p.m.CBS
W1612/26 SundayWashington at Dallas8:20 p.m.NBC*
W1612/27 MondayMiami at New Orleans8:15 p.m.ESPN
W1701/02 SundayAtlanta at Buffalo1:00 p.m.FOX
W1701/02 SundayN.Y. Giants at Chicago1:00 p.m.CBS
W1701/02 SundayKansas City at Cincinnati1:00 p.m.CBS
W1701/02 SundayArizona at Dallas1:00 p.m.FOX
W1701/02 SundayLas Vegas at Indianapolis1:00 p.m.CBS
W1701/02 SundayJacksonville at New England1:00 p.m.CBS
W1701/02 SundayCarolina at New Orleans1:00 p.m.FOX
W1701/02 SundayTampa Bay at N.Y. Jets1:00 p.m.FOX
W1701/02 SundayMiami at Tennessee1:00 p.m.CBS
W1701/02 SundayPhiladelphia at Washington1:00 p.m.FOX
W1701/02 SundayDenver at L.A. Chargers4:05 p.m.CBS
W1701/02 SundayHouston at San Francisco4:05 p.m.CBS
W1701/02 SundayL.A. Rams at Baltimore4:25 p.m.FOX
W1701/02 SundayDetroit at Seattle4:25 p.m.FOX
W1701/02 SundayMinnesota at Green Bay8:20 p.m.NBC*
W1701/03 MondayCleveland at Pittsburgh8:15 p.m.ESPN
W1801/09 SundayNew Orleans at Atlanta1:00 p.m.FOX
W1801/09 SundayPittsburgh at Baltimore1:00 p.m.CBS
W1801/09 SundayN.Y. Jets at Buffalo1:00 p.m.CBS
W1801/09 SundayCincinnati at Cleveland1:00 p.m.CBS
W1801/09 SundayGreen Bay at Detroit1:00 p.m.FOX
W1801/09 SundayTennessee at Houston1:00 p.m.CBS
W1801/09 SundayIndianapolis at Jacksonville1:00 p.m.CBS
W1801/09 SundayNew England at Miami1:00 p.m.CBS
W1801/09 SundayChicago at Minnesota1:00 p.m.FOX
W1801/09 SundayWashington at N.Y. Giants1:00 p.m.FOX
W1801/09 SundayDallas at Philadelphia1:00 p.m.FOX
W1801/09 SundayCarolina at Tampa Bay1:00 p.m.FOX
W1801/09 SundaySeattle at Arizona4:25 p.m.FOX
W1801/09 SundayKansas City at Denver4:25 p.m.CBS
W1801/09 SundaySan Francisco at L.A. Rams4:25 p.m.FOX
W1801/09 SundayL.A. Chargers at Las Vegas4:25 p.m.CBS