WWE Logo History

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is a sports and entertainment TV company based in the United States, engaged in various activities, including games, competitions, music, films, and more. The priority of the company is in its entertainment wrestling fights.

Capitol Wrestling Corporation was founded in 1953 by Toots Mondt, Jess McMahon, or Vincent J. McMahon. It is the largest wrestling show organization conducting live wrestling tournaments. Titan Sports, Inc. association was formed in 1980 by Linda McMahon and Vince McMahon. In 1982, Titan Sports bought the holding company Capitol Wrestling Corporation Ltd.

In 1998, Titan took on a new name, becoming the World Wrestling Federation. It was renamed World Wrestling Federation Entertainment in 1999 and World Wrestling Entertainment in 2002. Its logo evolution reflects the company’s name changes throughout the years.

WWE Logos