Toys R Us Logo History

Toys “R” Us is an American toy, clothing, and baby product retailer owned by Tru Kids and various others. The company was founded in April 1948 when Charles P. Lazarus founded a baby-furniture retailer, Children’s Bargaintown in Washington, D.C., during the post-war baby boom. It was acquired in 1966 by Interstate Department Stores, Inc. The focus of the store changed in June 1957, exclusively to toys rather than furniture, and became Toys “R” Us.

On September 18, 2017, Toys “R” Us, Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. On August 19, 2021, WHP, who acquired a controlling interest in Tru Kids, announced a new shift in branding by partnering with Macy’s to sell toys on the retailer’s website and open store-within-a-store locations at 400 department store locations.

Toys R Us Logos