2022 NFL Schedule

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View the 2022-2023 NFL schedule containing every matchup and game time. The complete list is organized by week and time.

For 2022-2023 seasons, teams will be playing 17 games for a total of 18 weeks. There are 4 international games, 3 played in London and 1 in Munich. Week 15 and 16 game times are on a flex schedule and subject to change.

Search by NFL team (eg: use city name like Miami or nickname like Giants or Rams.) for any team’s complete schedule. Search by weeks (eg: W01, W10, etc) to see each week’s games. Search by days of the week to show all Thursday or Monday night games. Enjoy!

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WeeksDateAway TeamHome TeamTime (ET)
W012022/09/08 ThursdayBuffalo BillsLos Angeles Rams8:20 PM
W012022/09/11 SundayBaltimore RavensNew York Jets1:00 PM
W012022/09/11 SundayCleveland BrownsCarolina Panthers1:00 PM
W012022/09/11 SundayIndianapolis ColtsHouston Texans1:00 PM
W012022/09/11 SundayJacksonville JaguarsWashington Commanders1:00 PM
W012022/09/11 SundayNew England PatriotsMiami Dolphins1:00 PM
W012022/09/11 SundayNew Orleans SaintsAtlanta Falcons1:00 PM
W012022/09/11 SundayPhiladelphia EaglesDetroit Lions1:00 PM
W012022/09/11 SundayPittsburgh SteelersCincinnati Bengals1:00 PM
W012022/09/11 SundaySan Francisco 49ersChicago Bears1:00 PM
W012022/09/11 SundayGreen Bay PackersMinnesota Vikings4:25 PM
W012022/09/11 SundayKansas City ChiefsArizona Cardinals4:25 PM
W012022/09/11 SundayLas Vegas RaidersLos Angeles Chargers4:25 PM
W012022/09/11 SundayNew York GiantsTennessee Titans4:25 PM
W012022/09/11 SundayTampa Bay BuccaneersDallas Cowboys8:20 PM
W012022/09/12 MondayDenver BroncosSeattle Seahawks8:15 PM
W022022/09/15 ThursdayLos Angeles ChargersKansas City Chiefs8:15 PM
W022022/09/18 SundayCarolina PanthersNew York Giants1:00 PM
W022022/09/18 SundayIndianapolis ColtsJacksonville Jaguars1:00 PM
W022022/09/18 SundayMiami DolphinsBaltimore Ravens1:00 PM
W022022/09/18 SundayNew England PatriotsPittsburgh Steelers1:00 PM
W022022/09/18 SundayNew York JetsCleveland Browns1:00 PM
W022022/09/18 SundayTampa Bay BuccaneersNew Orleans Saints1:00 PM
W022022/09/18 SundayWashington CommandersDetroit Lions1:00 PM
W022022/09/18 SundayAtlanta FalconsLos Angeles Rams4:05 PM
W022022/09/18 SundaySeattle SeahawksSan Francisco 49ers4:05 PM
W022022/09/18 SundayArizona CardinalsLas Vegas Raiders4:25 PM
W022022/09/18 SundayCincinnati BengalsDallas Cowboys4:25 PM
W022022/09/18 SundayHouston TexansDenver Broncos4:25 PM
W022022/09/18 SundayChicago BearsGreen Bay Packers8:20 PM
W022022/09/19 MondayTennessee TitansBuffalo Bills7:15 PM
W022022/09/19 MondayMinnesota VikingsPhiladelphia Eagles8:30 PM
W032022/09/22 ThursdayPittsburgh SteelersCleveland Browns8:15 PM
W032022/09/25 SundayBaltimore RavensNew England Patriots1:00 PM
W032022/09/25 SundayBuffalo BillsMiami Dolphins1:00 PM
W032022/09/25 SundayCincinnati BengalsNew York Jets1:00 PM
W032022/09/25 SundayDetroit LionsMinnesota Vikings1:00 PM
W032022/09/25 SundayHouston TexansChicago Bears1:00 PM
W032022/09/25 SundayKansas City ChiefsIndianapolis Colts1:00 PM
W032022/09/25 SundayLas Vegas RaidersTennessee Titans1:00 PM
W032022/09/25 SundayNew Orleans SaintsCarolina Panthers1:00 PM
W032022/09/25 SundayPhiladelphia EaglesWashington Commanders1:00 PM
W032022/09/25 SundayJacksonville JaguarsLos Angeles Chargers4:05 PM
W032022/09/25 SundayAtlanta FalconsSeattle Seahawks4:25 PM
W032022/09/25 SundayGreen Bay PackersTampa Bay Buccaneers4:25 PM
W032022/09/25 SundayLos Angeles RamsArizona Cardinals4:25 PM
W032022/09/25 SundaySan Francisco 49ersDenver Broncos8:20 PM
W032022/09/26 MondayDallas CowboysNew York Giants8:15 PM
W042022/09/29 ThursdayMiami DolphinsCincinnati Bengals8:15 PM
W042022/10/02 Sunday^Minnesota VikingsNew Orleans Saints9:30 AM
W042022/10/02 SundayBuffalo BillsBaltimore Ravens1:00 PM
W042022/10/02 SundayChicago BearsNew York Giants1:00 PM
W042022/10/02 SundayCleveland BrownsAtlanta Falcons1:00 PM
W042022/10/02 SundayJacksonville JaguarsPhiladelphia Eagles1:00 PM
W042022/10/02 SundayLos Angeles ChargersHouston Texans1:00 PM
W042022/10/02 SundayNew York JetsPittsburgh Steelers1:00 PM
W042022/10/02 SundaySeattle SeahawksDetroit Lions1:00 PM
W042022/10/02 SundayTennessee TitansIndianapolis Colts1:00 PM
W042022/10/02 SundayWashington CommandersDallas Cowboys1:00 PM
W042022/10/02 SundayArizona CardinalsCarolina Panthers4:05 PM
W042022/10/02 SundayDenver BroncosLas Vegas Raiders4:25 PM
W042022/10/02 SundayNew England PatriotsGreen Bay Packers4:25 PM
W042022/10/02 SundayKansas City ChiefsTampa Bay Buccaneers8:20 PM
W042022/10/03 MondayLos Angeles RamsSan Francisco 49ers8:15 PM
W052022/10/06 ThursdayIndianapolis ColtsDenver Broncos8:15 PM
W052022/10/09 Sunday^New York GiantsGreen Bay Packers9:30 AM
W052022/10/09 SundayAtlanta FalconsTampa Bay Buccaneers1:00 PM
W052022/10/09 SundayChicago BearsMinnesota Vikings1:00 PM
W052022/10/09 SundayDetroit LionsNew England Patriots1:00 PM
W052022/10/09 SundayHouston TexansJacksonville Jaguars1:00 PM
W052022/10/09 SundayLos Angeles ChargersCleveland Browns1:00 PM
W052022/10/09 SundayMiami DolphinsNew York Jets1:00 PM
W052022/10/09 SundayPittsburgh SteelersBuffalo Bills1:00 PM
W052022/10/09 SundaySeattle SeahawksNew Orleans Saints1:00 PM
W052022/10/09 SundayTennessee TitansWashington Commanders1:00 PM
W052022/10/09 SundaySan Francisco 49ersCarolina Panthers4:05 PM
W052022/10/09 SundayDallas CowboysLos Angeles Rams4:25 PM
W052022/10/09 SundayPhiladelphia EaglesArizona Cardinals4:25 PM
W052022/10/09 SundayCincinnati BengalsBaltimore Ravens8:20 PM
W052022/10/10 MondayLas Vegas RaidersKansas City Chiefs8:15 PM
W062022/10/13 ThursdayWashington CommandersChicago Bears8:15 PM
W062022/10/16 SundayBaltimore RavensNew York Giants1:00 PM
W062022/10/16 SundayCincinnati BengalsNew Orleans Saints1:00 PM
W062022/10/16 SundayJacksonville JaguarsIndianapolis Colts1:00 PM
W062022/10/16 SundayMinnesota VikingsMiami Dolphins1:00 PM
W062022/10/16 SundayNew England PatriotsCleveland Browns1:00 PM
W062022/10/16 SundayNew York JetsGreen Bay Packers1:00 PM
W062022/10/16 SundaySan Francisco 49ersAtlanta Falcons1:00 PM
W062022/10/16 SundayTampa Bay BuccaneersPittsburgh Steelers1:00 PM
W062022/10/16 SundayArizona CardinalsSeattle Seahawks4:05 PM
W062022/10/16 SundayCarolina PanthersLos Angeles Rams4:05 PM
W062022/10/16 SundayBuffalo BillsKansas City Chiefs4:25 PM
W062022/10/16 SundayDallas CowboysPhiladelphia Eagles8:20 PM
W062022/10/17 MondayDenver BroncosLos Angeles Chargers8:15 PM
W072022/10/20 ThursdayNew Orleans SaintsArizona Cardinals8:15 PM
W072022/10/23 SundayAtlanta FalconsCincinnati Bengals1:00 PM
W072022/10/23 SundayCleveland BrownsBaltimore Ravens1:00 PM
W072022/10/23 SundayDetroit LionsDallas Cowboys1:00 PM
W072022/10/23 SundayGreen Bay PackersWashington Commanders1:00 PM
W072022/10/23 SundayIndianapolis ColtsTennessee Titans1:00 PM
W072022/10/23 SundayNew York GiantsJacksonville Jaguars1:00 PM
W072022/10/23 SundayTampa Bay BuccaneersCarolina Panthers1:00 PM
W072022/10/23 SundayHouston TexansLas Vegas Raiders4:05 PM
W072022/10/23 SundayNew York JetsDenver Broncos4:05 PM
W072022/10/23 SundayKansas City ChiefsSan Francisco 49ers4:25 PM
W072022/10/23 SundaySeattle SeahawksLos Angeles Chargers4:25 PM
W072022/10/23 SundayPittsburgh SteelersMiami Dolphins8:20 PM
W072022/10/24 MondayChicago BearsNew England Patriots8:15 PM
W082022/10/27 ThursdayBaltimore RavensTampa Bay Buccaneers8:15 PM
W082022/10/30 Sunday^Denver BroncosJacksonville Jaguars9:30 AM
W082022/10/30 SundayArizona CardinalsMinnesota Vikings1:00 PM
W082022/10/30 SundayCarolina PanthersAtlanta Falcons1:00 PM
W082022/10/30 SundayChicago BearsDallas Cowboys1:00 PM
W082022/10/30 SundayLas Vegas RaidersNew Orleans Saints1:00 PM
W082022/10/30 SundayMiami DolphinsDetroit Lions1:00 PM
W082022/10/30 SundayNew England PatriotsNew York Jets1:00 PM
W082022/10/30 SundayPittsburgh SteelersPhiladelphia Eagles1:00 PM
W082022/10/30 SundayTennessee TitansHouston Texans4:05 PM
W082022/10/30 SundayNew York GiantsSeattle Seahawks4:25 PM
W082022/10/30 SundaySan Francisco 49ersLos Angeles Rams4:25 PM
W082022/10/30 SundayWashington CommandersIndianapolis Colts4:25 PM
W082022/10/30 SundayGreen Bay PackersBuffalo Bills8:20 PM
W082022/10/31 MondayCincinnati BengalsCleveland Browns8:15 PM
W092022/11/03 ThursdayPhiladelphia EaglesHouston Texans8:15 PM
W092022/11/06 SundayBuffalo BillsNew York Jets1:00 PM
W092022/11/06 SundayCarolina PanthersCincinnati Bengals1:00 PM
W092022/11/06 SundayGreen Bay PackersDetroit Lions1:00 PM
W092022/11/06 SundayIndianapolis ColtsNew England Patriots1:00 PM
W092022/11/06 SundayLas Vegas RaidersJacksonville Jaguars1:00 PM
W092022/11/06 SundayLos Angeles ChargersAtlanta Falcons1:00 PM
W092022/11/06 SundayMiami DolphinsChicago Bears1:00 PM
W092022/11/06 SundayMinnesota VikingsWashington Commanders1:00 PM
W092022/11/06 SundaySeattle SeahawksArizona Cardinals4:05 PM
W092022/11/06 SundayLos Angeles RamsTampa Bay Buccaneers4:25 PM
W092022/11/06 SundayTennessee TitansKansas City Chiefs8:20 PM
W092022/11/07 MondayBaltimore RavensNew Orleans Saints8:15 PM
W102022/11/10 ThursdayAtlanta FalconsCarolina Panthers8:15 PM
W102022/11/13 Sunday~Seattle SeahawksTampa Bay Buccaneers9:30 AM
W102022/11/13 SundayCleveland BrownsMiami Dolphins1:00 PM
W102022/11/13 SundayDenver BroncosTennessee Titans1:00 PM
W102022/11/13 SundayDetroit LionsChicago Bears1:00 PM
W102022/11/13 SundayHouston TexansNew York Giants1:00 PM
W102022/11/13 SundayJacksonville JaguarsKansas City Chiefs1:00 PM
W102022/11/13 SundayMinnesota VikingsBuffalo Bills1:00 PM
W102022/11/13 SundayNew Orleans SaintsPittsburgh Steelers1:00 PM
W102022/11/13 SundayIndianapolis ColtsLas Vegas Raiders4:05 PM
W102022/11/13 SundayArizona CardinalsLos Angeles Rams4:25 PM
W102022/11/13 SundayDallas CowboysGreen Bay Packers4:25 PM
W102022/11/13 SundayLos Angeles ChargersSan Francisco 49ers8:20 PM
W102022/11/14 MondayWashington CommandersPhiladelphia Eagles8:15 PM
W112022/11/17 ThursdayTennessee TitansGreen Bay Packers8:15 PM
W112022/11/20 SundayCarolina PanthersBaltimore Ravens1:00 PM
W112022/11/20 SundayChicago BearsAtlanta Falcons1:00 PM
W112022/11/20 SundayCleveland BrownsBuffalo Bills1:00 PM
W112022/11/20 SundayDetroit LionsNew York Giants1:00 PM
W112022/11/20 SundayLos Angeles RamsNew Orleans Saints1:00 PM
W112022/11/20 SundayNew York JetsNew England Patriots1:00 PM
W112022/11/20 SundayPhiladelphia EaglesIndianapolis Colts1:00 PM
W112022/11/20 SundayWashington CommandersHouston Texans1:00 PM
W112022/11/20 SundayLas Vegas RaidersDenver Broncos4:05 PM
W112022/11/20 SundayDallas CowboysMinnesota Vikings4:25 PM
W112022/11/20 SundayKansas City ChiefsLos Angeles Chargers4:25 PM
W112022/11/20 SundayCincinnati BengalsPittsburgh Steelers8:20 PM
W112022/11/21 MondaySan Francisco 49ersArizona Cardinals8:00 PM
W122022/11/24 ThursdayBuffalo BillsDetroit Lions12:30 PM
W122022/11/24 ThursdayNew York GiantsDallas Cowboys4:30 PM
W122022/11/24 ThursdayNew England PatriotsMinnesota Vikings8:20 PM
W122022/11/27 SundayAtlanta FalconsWashington Commanders1:00 PM
W122022/11/27 SundayBaltimore RavensJacksonville Jaguars1:00 PM
W122022/11/27 SundayChicago BearsNew York Jets1:00 PM
W122022/11/27 SundayCincinnati BengalsTennessee Titans1:00 PM
W122022/11/27 SundayDenver BroncosCarolina Panthers1:00 PM
W122022/11/27 SundayHouston TexansMiami Dolphins1:00 PM
W122022/11/27 SundayTampa Bay BuccaneersCleveland Browns1:00 PM
W122022/11/27 SundayLas Vegas RaidersSeattle Seahawks4:05 PM
W122022/11/27 SundayLos Angeles ChargersArizona Cardinals4:05 PM
W122022/11/27 SundayLos Angeles RamsKansas City Chiefs4:25 PM
W122022/11/27 SundayNew Orleans SaintsSan Francisco 49ers4:25 PM
W122022/11/27 SundayGreen Bay PackersPhiladelphia Eagles8:20 PM
W122022/11/28 MondayPittsburgh SteelersIndianapolis Colts8:15 PM
W132022/12/01 ThursdayBuffalo BillsNew England Patriots8:15 PM
W132022/12/04 SundayCleveland BrownsHouston Texans1:00 PM
W132022/12/04 SundayDenver BroncosBaltimore Ravens1:00 PM
W132022/12/04 SundayGreen Bay PackersChicago Bears1:00 PM
W132022/12/04 SundayJacksonville JaguarsDetroit Lions1:00 PM
W132022/12/04 SundayNew York JetsMinnesota Vikings1:00 PM
W132022/12/04 SundayPittsburgh SteelersAtlanta Falcons1:00 PM
W132022/12/04 SundayTennessee TitansPhiladelphia Eagles1:00 PM
W132022/12/04 SundayWashington CommandersNew York Giants1:00 PM
W132022/12/04 SundayMiami DolphinsSan Francisco 49ers4:05 PM
W132022/12/04 SundaySeattle SeahawksLos Angeles Rams4:05 PM
W132022/12/04 SundayKansas City ChiefsCincinnati Bengals4:25 PM
W132022/12/04 SundayLos Angeles ChargersLas Vegas Raiders4:25 PM
W132022/12/04 SundayIndianapolis ColtsDallas Cowboys8:20 PM
W132022/12/05 MondayNew Orleans SaintsTampa Bay Buccaneers8:15 PM
W142022/12/08 ThursdayLas Vegas RaidersLos Angeles Rams8:15 PM
W142022/12/11 SundayBaltimore RavensPittsburgh Steelers1:00 PM
W142022/12/11 SundayCleveland BrownsCincinnati Bengals1:00 PM
W142022/12/11 SundayHouston TexansDallas Cowboys1:00 PM
W142022/12/11 SundayJacksonville JaguarsTennessee Titans1:00 PM
W142022/12/11 SundayMinnesota VikingsDetroit Lions1:00 PM
W142022/12/11 SundayNew York JetsBuffalo Bills1:00 PM
W142022/12/11 SundayPhiladelphia EaglesNew York Giants1:00 PM
W142022/12/11 SundayKansas City ChiefsDenver Broncos4:05 PM
W142022/12/11 SundayCarolina PanthersSeattle Seahawks4:25 PM
W142022/12/11 SundayTampa Bay BuccaneersSan Francisco 49ers4:25 PM
W142022/12/11 SundayMiami DolphinsLos Angeles Chargers8:20 PM
W142022/12/12 MondayNew England PatriotsArizona Cardinals8:15 PM
W152022/12/15 ThursdaySan Francisco 49ersSeattle Seahawks8:15 PM
W152022/12/17 SaturdayBaltimore RavensCleveland Browns1:00 PM
W152022/12/17 SaturdayIndianapolis ColtsMinnesota Vikings4:30 PM
W152022/12/17 SaturdayMiami DolphinsBuffalo Bills8:15 PM
W152022/12/18 SundayAtlanta FalconsNew Orleans Saints1:00 PM
W152022/12/18 SundayDallas CowboysJacksonville Jaguars1:00 PM
W152022/12/18 SundayDetroit LionsNew York Jets1:00 PM
W152022/12/18 SundayKansas City ChiefsHouston Texans1:00 PM
W152022/12/18 SundayNew York GiantsWashington Commanders1:00 PM
W152022/12/18 SundayPhiladelphia EaglesChicago Bears1:00 PM
W152022/12/18 SundayPittsburgh SteelersCarolina Panthers1:00 PM
W152022/12/18 SundayArizona CardinalsDenver Broncos4:05 PM
W152022/12/18 SundayCincinnati BengalsTampa Bay Buccaneers4:25 PM
W152022/12/18 SundayTennessee TitansLos Angeles Chargers4:25 PM
W152022/12/18 SundayNew England PatriotsLas Vegas Raiders8:20 PM
W152022/12/19 MondayLos Angeles RamsGreen Bay Packers8:15 PM
W162022/12/22 ThursdayJacksonville JaguarsNew York Jets8:15 PM
W162022/12/24 SaturdayAtlanta FalconsBaltimore Ravens1:00 PM
W162022/12/24 Saturday*Buffalo BillsChicago Bears1:00 PM
W162022/12/24 SaturdayCincinnati BengalsNew England Patriots1:00 PM
W162022/12/24 SaturdayDetroit LionsCarolina Panthers1:00 PM
W162022/12/24 Saturday*Houston TexansTennessee Titans1:00 PM
W162022/12/24 Saturday*New Orleans SaintsCleveland Browns1:00 PM
W162022/12/24 Saturday*New York GiantsMinnesota Vikings1:00 PM
W162022/12/24 Saturday*Seattle SeahawksKansas City Chiefs1:00 PM
W162022/12/24 SaturdayWashington CommandersSan Francisco 49ers4:05 PM
W162022/12/24 SaturdayPhiladelphia EaglesDallas Cowboys4:25 PM
W162022/12/24 SaturdayLas Vegas RaidersPittsburgh Steelers8:15 PM
W162022/12/25 SundayGreen Bay PackersMiami Dolphins1:00 PM
W162022/12/25 SundayDenver BroncosLos Angeles Rams4:30 PM
W162022/12/25 SundayTampa Bay BuccaneersArizona Cardinals8:20 PM
W162022/12/26 MondayLos Angeles ChargersIndianapolis Colts8:15 PM
W172022/12/29 ThursdayDallas CowboysTennessee Titans8:15 PM
W172023/01/01 SundayArizona CardinalsAtlanta Falcons1:00 PM
W172023/01/01 SundayCarolina PanthersTampa Bay Buccaneers1:00 PM
W172023/01/01 SundayChicago BearsDetroit Lions1:00 PM
W172023/01/01 SundayCleveland BrownsWashington Commanders1:00 PM
W172023/01/01 SundayDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs1:00 PM
W172023/01/01 SundayIndianapolis ColtsNew York Giants1:00 PM
W172023/01/01 SundayJacksonville JaguarsHouston Texans1:00 PM
W172023/01/01 SundayMiami DolphinsNew England Patriots1:00 PM
W172023/01/01 SundayNew Orleans SaintsPhiladelphia Eagles1:00 PM
W172023/01/01 SundayNew York JetsSeattle Seahawks4:05 PM
W172023/01/01 SundaySan Francisco 49ersLas Vegas Raiders4:05 PM
W172023/01/01 SundayMinnesota VikingsGreen Bay Packers4:25 PM
W172023/01/01 SundayLos Angeles RamsLos Angeles Chargers4:25 PM
W172023/01/01 SundayPittsburgh SteelersBaltimore Ravens8:20 PM
W172023/01/02 MondayBuffalo BillsCincinnati Bengals8:30 PM
W182023/01/08 SundayArizona CardinalsSan Francisco 49ers1:00 PM
W182023/01/08 SundayBaltimore RavensCincinnati Bengals1:00 PM
W182023/01/08 SundayCarolina PanthersNew Orleans Saints1:00 PM
W182023/01/08 SundayCleveland BrownsPittsburgh Steelers1:00 PM
W182023/01/08 SundayDallas CowboysWashington Commanders1:00 PM
W182023/01/08 SundayDetroit LionsGreen Bay Packers1:00 PM
W182023/01/08 SundayHouston TexansIndianapolis Colts1:00 PM
W182023/01/08 SundayKansas City ChiefsLas Vegas Raiders1:00 PM
W182023/01/08 SundayLos Angeles ChargersDenver Broncos1:00 PM
W182023/01/08 SundayLos Angeles RamsSeattle Seahawks1:00 PM
W182023/01/08 SundayMinnesota VikingsChicago Bears1:00 PM
W182023/01/08 SundayNew England PatriotsBuffalo Bills1:00 PM
W182023/01/08 SundayNew York GiantsPhiladelphia Eagles1:00 PM
W182023/01/08 SundayNew York JetsMiami Dolphins1:00 PM
W182023/01/08 SundayTampa Bay BuccaneersAtlanta Falcons1:00 PM
W182023/01/08 SundayTennessee TitansJacksonville Jaguars1:00 PM

^ London game
~ Munich game
*Tentative flex schedule game, start time is subject to change.