Los Angeles Rams Logo, Helmet & Uniform History

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The Cleveland Rams were founded in 1936 and joined NFL in 1937. In 1946, team owner Dan Reeves moved the team to L.A. and the Los Angeles Rams made the NFL become the first professional coast-to-coast sports entertainment industry. By 1994, support for the Rams had withered to the point where they were barely part of the L.A. sports landscape. The owner decide to move the team to St. Louis in 1995, where they would win Super Bowl XXXIV. By the time 2015 season ended, the Rams filed to relocate back to Los Angeles and in 2016, they relocated back as LA Rams again.

In 2020, the team updated the LA Rams logo with new design and color scheme.

Los Angeles Rams Logos (2016-Present)

St. Louis Rams Logos (1995-2015)

Los Angeles Rams Logos (1946-1994)

Cleveland Rams Logos (1941-1945)

Helmet History

The Rams have one of the most distinctive, iconic helmet in NFL history with the instantly recognizable ram horns curling around the earhole of the helmet.

Uniform History

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