Los Angeles Clippers logo transparent PNG

Los Angeles Clippers Logos History

LA Clippers was founded in 1970 as the Buffalo Braves. The franchise moved from Buffalo, New York to San Diego in 1978 and became known as the San Diego Clippers. In 1984, the team moved to Los Angeles. The current LA Clippers basketball logo retains the legacy colors of red, white and blue as a […]

Los Angeles Lakers logo transparent PNG

Los Angeles Lakers Logos History

The club was actually founded in 1946 under the name of Detroit Gems. After a year in Detroit, the team moved to the city of Minneapolis and became the Minneapolis Lakers. The successful experience of Brooklyn Dodgers’ moving to Los Angeles prompted the team owner to think about moving to LA, and the absence of […]

Best NFL Helmet Logos

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NFL team helmets distinguishes franchises from each other more than team uniforms. Sure it’s a matter of taste, and it’s debatable which design is better, but let’s look at some of the best designs. New England Patriots Pat the Patriot hiking the football. How unique is that? The red, white, and blue is also a […]

Oakland Raiders logo transparent PNG

Las Vegas Raiders Logos History

The city of Oakland was awarded the eighth AFL franchise on January 30, 1960. A “name the team” contest was held by the Oakland Tribune, and the winner selected was the Señors. After a few days of being the butt of local jokes, the fledgling team and its owners changed the team’s name to the […]

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Los Angeles Rams Logos, Helmets & Uniforms History

The Cleveland Rams were founded in 1936 and joined NFL in 1937. In 1946, team owner Dan Reeves moved the team to L.A. and the Los Angeles Rams made the NFL become the first professional coast-to-coast sports entertainment industry. By 1994, support for the Rams had withered to the point where they were barely part […]

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Los Angeles Chargers Logos History

The Los Angeles Chargers were established with seven other American Football League (AFL) teams in 1959. The Chargers played their first AFL season in 1960. However, they played only spent one season in Los Angeles before moving to San Diego in 1961. After playing ten years in the AFL, the San Diego Chargers began playing […]