2023-2024 NFL Schedule (Week by Week and by Team), Printable PDF

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View the 2023-2024 NFL schedule containing every matchup and game time. The complete list is organized by week and time.

For 2023-2024 season, teams will be playing 17 games for a total of 18 weeks. There are 5 international games, 3 played in London, UK and 2 in Frankfurt, Germany.

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WeeksDateAway TeamHome TeamTime (ET)
W012023/09/07 ThursdayDetroit LionsKansas City Chiefs8:20 PM
W012023/09/10 SundayCarolina PanthersAtlanta Falcons1:00 PM
W012023/09/10 SundayHouston TexansBaltimore Ravens1:00 PM
W012023/09/10 SundayCincinnati BengalsCleveland Browns1:00 PM
W012023/09/10 SundayJacksonville JaguarsIndianapolis Colts1:00 PM
W012023/09/10 SundayTampa Bay BuccaneersMinnesota Vikings1:00 PM
W012023/09/10 SundayTennessee TitansNew Orleans Saints1:00 PM
W012023/09/10 SundaySan Francisco 49ersPittsburgh Steelers1:00 PM
W012023/09/10 SundayArizona CardinalsWashington Commanders1:00 PM
W012023/09/10 SundayGreen Bay PackersChicago Bears4:25 PM
W012023/09/10 SundayLas Vegas RaidersDenver Broncos4:25 PM
W012023/09/10 SundayMiami DolphinsLos Angeles Chargers4:25 PM
W012023/09/10 SundayPhiladelphia EaglesNew England Patriots4:25 PM
W012023/09/10 SundayLos Angeles RamsSeattle Seahawks4:25 PM
W012023/09/10 SundayDallas CowboysNew York Giants8:20 PM
W012023/09/11 MondayBuffalo BillsNew York Jets8:15 PM
W022023/09/14 ThursdayMinnesota VikingsPhiladelphia Eagles8:15 PM
W022023/09/17 SundayGreen Bay PackersAtlanta Falcons1:00 PM
W022023/09/17 SundayLas Vegas RaidersBuffalo Bills1:00 PM
W022023/09/17 SundayBaltimore RavensCincinnati Bengals1:00 PM
W022023/09/17 SundaySeattle SeahawksDetroit Lions1:00 PM
W022023/09/17 SundayIndianapolis ColtsHouston Texans1:00 PM
W022023/09/17 SundayKansas City ChiefsJacksonville Jaguars1:00 PM
W022023/09/17 SundayChicago BearsTampa Bay Buccaneers1:00 PM
W022023/09/17 SundayLos Angeles ChargersTennessee Titans1:00 PM
W022023/09/17 SundayNew York GiantsArizona Cardinals4:05 PM
W022023/09/17 SundaySan Francisco 49ersLos Angeles Rams4:05 PM
W022023/09/17 SundayNew York JetsDallas Cowboys4:25 PM
W022023/09/17 SundayWashington CommandersDenver Broncos4:25 PM
W022023/09/17 SundayMiami DolphinsNew England Patriots8:20 PM
W022023/09/18 MondayNew Orleans SaintsCarolina Panthers7:15 PM
W022023/09/18 MondayCleveland BrownsPittsburgh Steelers8:15 PM
W032023/09/21 ThursdayNew York GiantsSan Francisco 49ers8:15 PM
W032023/09/24 SundayIndianapolis ColtsBaltimore Ravens1:00 PM
W032023/09/24 SundayTennessee TitansCleveland Browns1:00 PM
W032023/09/24 SundayAtlanta FalconsDetroit Lions1:00 PM
W032023/09/24 SundayNew Orleans SaintsGreen Bay Packers1:00 PM
W032023/09/24 SundayHouston TexansJacksonville Jaguars1:00 PM
W032023/09/24 SundayDenver BroncosMiami Dolphins1:00 PM
W032023/09/24 SundayLos Angeles ChargersMinnesota Vikings1:00 PM
W032023/09/24 SundayNew England PatriotsNew York Jets1:00 PM
W032023/09/24 SundayBuffalo BillsWashington Commanders1:00 PM
W032023/09/24 SundayCarolina PanthersSeattle Seahawks4:05 PM
W032023/09/24 SundayDallas CowboysArizona Cardinals4:25 PM
W032023/09/24 SundayChicago BearsKansas City Chiefs4:25 PM
W032023/09/24 SundayPittsburgh SteelersLas Vegas Raiders8:20 PM
W032023/09/25 MondayPhiladelphia EaglesTampa Bay Buccaneers7:15 PM
W032023/09/25 MondayLos Angeles RamsCincinnati Bengals8:15 PM
W042023/09/28 ThursdayDetroit LionsGreen Bay Packers8:15 PM
W042023/10/01 Sunday^Atlanta FalconsJacksonville Jaguars9:30 AM
W042023/10/01 SundayMiami DolphinsBuffalo Bills1:00 PM
W042023/10/01 SundayMinnesota VikingsCarolina Panthers1:00 PM
W042023/10/01 SundayDenver BroncosChicago Bears1:00 PM
W042023/10/01 SundayBaltimore RavensCleveland Browns1:00 PM
W042023/10/01 SundayPittsburgh SteelersHouston Texans1:00 PM
W042023/10/01 SundayLos Angeles RamsIndianapolis Colts1:00 PM
W042023/10/01 SundayTampa Bay BuccaneersNew Orleans Saints1:00 PM
W042023/10/01 SundayWashington CommandersPhiladelphia Eagles1:00 PM
W042023/10/01 SundayCincinnati BengalsTennessee Titans1:00 PM
W042023/10/01 SundayLas Vegas RaidersLos Angeles Chargers4:05 PM
W042023/10/01 SundayNew England PatriotsDallas Cowboys4:25 PM
W042023/10/01 SundayArizona CardinalsSan Francisco 49ers4:25 PM
W042023/10/01 SundayKansas City ChiefsNew York Jets8:20 PM
W042023/10/02 MondaySeattle SeahawksNew York Giants8:15 PM
W052023/10/05 ThursdayChicago BearsWashington Commanders8:15 PM
W052023/10/08 Sunday^^Jacksonville JaguarsBuffalo Bills9:30 AM
W052023/10/08 SundayHouston TexansAtlanta Falcons1:00 PM
W052023/10/08 SundayCarolina PanthersDetroit Lions1:00 PM
W052023/10/08 SundayTennessee TitansIndianapolis Colts1:00 PM
W052023/10/08 SundayNew York GiantsMiami Dolphins1:00 PM
W052023/10/08 SundayNew Orleans SaintsNew England Patriots1:00 PM
W052023/10/08 SundayBaltimore RavensPittsburgh Steelers1:00 PM
W052023/10/08 SundayCincinnati BengalsArizona Cardinals4:05 PM
W052023/10/08 SundayPhiladelphia EaglesLos Angeles Rams4:05 PM
W052023/10/08 SundayNew York JetsDenver Broncos4:25 PM
W052023/10/08 SundayKansas City ChiefsMinnesota Vikings4:25 PM
W052023/10/08 SundayDallas CowboysSan Francisco 49ers8:20 PM
W052023/10/09 MondayGreen Bay PackersLas Vegas Raiders8:15 PM
W062023/10/12 ThursdayDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs8:15 PM
W062023/10/15 Sunday^^Baltimore RavensTennessee Titans9:30 AM
W062023/10/15 SundayWashington CommandersAtlanta Falcons1:00 PM
W062023/10/15 SundayMinnesota VikingsChicago Bears1:00 PM
W062023/10/15 SundaySeattle SeahawksCincinnati Bengals1:00 PM
W062023/10/15 SundaySan Francisco 49ersCleveland Browns1:00 PM
W062023/10/15 SundayNew Orleans SaintsHouston Texans1:00 PM
W062023/10/15 SundayIndianapolis ColtsJacksonville Jaguars1:00 PM
W062023/10/15 SundayCarolina PanthersMiami Dolphins1:00 PM
W062023/10/15 SundayDetroit LionsTampa Bay Buccaneers1:00 PM
W062023/10/15 SundayNew England PatriotsLas Vegas Raiders4:05 PM
W062023/10/15 SundayArizona CardinalsLos Angeles Rams4:25 PM
W062023/10/15 SundayPhiladelphia EaglesNew York Jets4:25 PM
W062023/10/15 SundayNew York GiantsBuffalo Bills8:20 PM
W062023/10/16 MondayDallas CowboysLos Angeles Chargers8:15 PM
W072023/10/19 ThursdayJacksonville JaguarsNew Orleans Saints8:15 PM
W072023/10/22 SundayDetroit LionsBaltimore Ravens1:00 PM
W072023/10/22 SundayLas Vegas RaidersChicago Bears1:00 PM
W072023/10/22 SundayCleveland BrownsIndianapolis Colts1:00 PM
W072023/10/22 SundayBuffalo BillsNew England Patriots1:00 PM
W072023/10/22 SundayWashington CommandersNew York Giants1:00 PM
W072023/10/22 SundayAtlanta FalconsTampa Bay Buccaneers1:00 PM
W072023/10/22 SundayPittsburgh SteelersLos Angeles Rams4:05 PM
W072023/10/22 SundayArizona CardinalsSeattle Seahawks4:05 PM
W072023/10/22 SundayGreen Bay PackersDenver Broncos4:25 PM
W072023/10/22 SundayLos Angeles ChargersKansas City Chiefs4:25 PM
W072023/10/22 SundayMiami DolphinsPhiladelphia Eagles8:20 PM
W072023/10/23 MondaySan Francisco 49ersMinnesota Vikings8:15 PM
W082023/10/26 ThursdayTampa Bay BuccaneersBuffalo Bills8:15 PM
W082023/10/29 SundayHouston TexansCarolina Panthers9:30 AM
W082023/10/29 SundayLos Angeles RamsDallas Cowboys1:00 PM
W082023/10/29 SundayMinnesota VikingsGreen Bay Packers1:00 PM
W082023/10/29 SundayNew Orleans SaintsIndianapolis Colts1:00 PM
W082023/10/29 SundayNew England PatriotsMiami Dolphins1:00 PM
W082023/10/29 SundayNew York JetsNew York Giants1:00 PM
W082023/10/29 SundayJacksonville JaguarsPittsburgh Steelers1:00 PM
W082023/10/29 SundayAtlanta FalconsTennessee Titans1:00 PM
W082023/10/29 SundayPhiladelphia EaglesWashington Commanders1:00 PM
W082023/10/29 SundayCleveland BrownsSeattle Seahawks4:05 PM
W082023/10/29 SundayBaltimore RavensArizona Cardinals4:25 PM
W082023/10/29 SundayKansas City ChiefsDenver Broncos4:25 PM
W082023/10/29 SundayCincinnati BengalsSan Francisco 49ers4:25 PM
W082023/10/29 SundayChicago BearsLos Angeles Chargers8:20 PM
W082023/10/30 MondayLas Vegas RaidersDetroit Lions8:15 PM
W092023/11/02 ThursdayTennessee TitansPittsburgh Steelers8:15 PM
W092023/11/05 Sunday*Miami DolphinsKansas City Chiefs9:30 AM
W092023/11/05 SundayMinnesota VikingsAtlanta Falcons1:00 PM
W092023/11/05 SundaySeattle SeahawksBaltimore Ravens1:00 PM
W092023/11/05 SundayArizona CardinalsCleveland Browns1:00 PM
W092023/11/05 SundayLos Angeles RamsGreen Bay Packers1:00 PM
W092023/11/05 SundayTampa Bay BuccaneersHouston Texans1:00 PM
W092023/11/05 SundayWashington CommandersNew England Patriots1:00 PM
W092023/11/05 SundayChicago BearsNew Orleans Saints1:00 PM
W092023/11/05 SundayIndianapolis ColtsCarolina Panthers4:05 PM
W092023/11/05 SundayNew York GiantsLas Vegas Raiders4:25 PM
W092023/11/05 SundayDallas CowboysPhiladelphia Eagles4:25 PM
W092023/11/05 SundayBuffalo BillsCincinnati Bengals8:20 PM
W092023/11/06 MondayLos Angeles ChargersNew York Jets8:15 PM
W102023/11/09 ThursdayCarolina PanthersChicago Bears8:15 PM
W102023/11/12 Sunday*Indianapolis ColtsNew England Patriots9:30 AM
W102023/11/12 SundayCleveland BrownsBaltimore Ravens1:00 PM
W102023/11/12 SundayHouston TexansCincinnati Bengals1:00 PM
W102023/11/12 SundaySan Francisco 49ersJacksonville Jaguars1:00 PM
W102023/11/12 SundayNew Orleans SaintsMinnesota Vikings1:00 PM
W102023/11/12 SundayGreen Bay PackersPittsburgh Steelers1:00 PM
W102023/11/12 SundayTennessee TitansTampa Bay Buccaneers1:00 PM
W102023/11/12 SundayAtlanta FalconsArizona Cardinals4:05 PM
W102023/11/12 SundayDetroit LionsLos Angeles Chargers4:05 PM
W102023/11/12 SundayNew York GiantsDallas Cowboys4:25 PM
W102023/11/12 SundayWashington CommandersSeattle Seahawks4:25 PM
W102023/11/12 SundayNew York JetsLas Vegas Raiders8:20 PM
W102023/11/13 MondayDenver BroncosBuffalo Bills8:15 PM
W112023/11/16 ThursdayCincinnati BengalsBaltimore Ravens8:15 PM
W112023/11/19 SundayDallas CowboysCarolina Panthers1:00 PM
W112023/11/19 SundayPittsburgh SteelersCleveland Browns1:00 PM
W112023/11/19 SundayChicago BearsDetroit Lions1:00 PM
W112023/11/19 SundayLos Angeles ChargersGreen Bay Packers1:00 PM
W112023/11/19 SundayArizona CardinalsHouston Texans1:00 PM
W112023/11/19 SundayTennessee TitansJacksonville Jaguars1:00 PM
W112023/11/19 SundayLas Vegas RaidersMiami Dolphins1:00 PM
W112023/11/19 SundayNew York GiantsWashington Commanders1:00 PM
W112023/11/19 SundayTampa Bay BuccaneersSan Francisco 49ers4:05 PM
W112023/11/19 SundayNew York JetsBuffalo Bills4:25 PM
W112023/11/19 SundaySeattle SeahawksLos Angeles Rams4:25 PM
W112023/11/19 SundayMinnesota VikingsDenver Broncos8:20 PM
W112023/11/20 MondayPhiladelphia EaglesKansas City Chiefs8:00 PM
W122023/11/23 ThursdayGreen Bay PackersDetroit Lions12:30 PM
W122023/11/23 ThursdayWashington CommandersDallas Cowboys4:30 PM
W122023/11/23 ThursdaySan Francisco 49ersSeattle Seahawks8:20 PM
W122023/11/24 FridayMiami DolphinsNew York Jets3:00 PM
W122023/11/26 SundayNew Orleans SaintsAtlanta Falcons1:00 PM
W122023/11/26 SundayPittsburgh SteelersCincinnati Bengals1:00 PM
W122023/11/26 SundayJacksonville JaguarsHouston Texans1:00 PM
W122023/11/26 SundayTampa Bay BuccaneersIndianapolis Colts1:00 PM
W122023/11/26 SundayNew England PatriotsNew York Giants1:00 PM
W122023/11/26 SundayCarolina PanthersTennessee Titans1:00 PM
W122023/11/26 SundayLos Angeles RamsArizona Cardinals4:05 PM
W122023/11/26 SundayCleveland BrownsDenver Broncos4:05 PM
W122023/11/26 SundayKansas City ChiefsLas Vegas Raiders4:25 PM
W122023/11/26 SundayBuffalo BillsPhiladelphia Eagles4:25 PM
W122023/11/26 SundayBaltimore RavensLos Angeles Chargers8:20 PM
W122023/11/27 MondayChicago BearsMinnesota Vikings8:15 PM
W132023/11/30 ThursdaySeattle SeahawksDallas Cowboys8:15 PM
W132023/12/03 SundayLos Angeles ChargersNew England Patriots1:00 PM
W132023/12/03 SundayDetroit LionsNew Orleans Saints1:00 PM
W132023/12/03 SundayAtlanta FalconsNew York Jets1:00 PM
W132023/12/03 SundayArizona CardinalsPittsburgh Steelers1:00 PM
W132023/12/03 SundayCarolina PanthersTampa Bay Buccaneers1:00 PM
W132023/12/03 SundayIndianapolis ColtsTennessee Titans1:00 PM
W132023/12/03 SundayMiami DolphinsWashington Commanders1:00 PM
W132023/12/03 SundayDenver BroncosHouston Texans4:05 PM
W132023/12/03 SundayCleveland BrownsLos Angeles Rams4:25 PM
W132023/12/03 SundaySan Francisco 49ersPhiladelphia Eagles4:25 PM
W132023/12/03 SundayKansas City ChiefsGreen Bay Packers8:20 PM
W132023/12/04 MondayCincinnati BengalsJacksonville Jaguars8:15 PM
W142023/12/07 ThursdayNew England PatriotsPittsburgh Steelers8:15 PM
W142023/12/10 SundayTampa Bay BuccaneersAtlanta Falcons1:00 PM
W142023/12/10 SundayLos Angeles RamsBaltimore Ravens1:00 PM
W142023/12/10 SundayDetroit LionsChicago Bears1:00 PM
W142023/12/10 SundayIndianapolis ColtsCincinnati Bengals1:00 PM
W142023/12/10 SundayJacksonville JaguarsCleveland Browns1:00 PM
W142023/12/10 SundayCarolina PanthersNew Orleans Saints1:00 PM
W142023/12/10 SundayHouston TexansNew York Jets1:00 PM
W142023/12/10 SundayMinnesota VikingsLas Vegas Raiders4:05 PM
W142023/12/10 SundaySeattle SeahawksSan Francisco 49ers4:05 PM
W142023/12/10 SundayBuffalo BillsKansas City Chiefs4:25 PM
W142023/12/10 SundayDenver BroncosLos Angeles Chargers4:25 PM
W142023/12/10 SundayPhiladelphia EaglesDallas Cowboys8:20 PM
W142023/12/11 MondayTennessee TitansMiami Dolphins8:15 PM
W142023/12/11 MondayGreen Bay PackersNew York Giants8:15 PM
W152023/12/14 ThursdayLos Angeles ChargersLas Vegas Raiders8:15 PM
W152023/12/16 Saturday~Atlanta FalconsCarolina PanthersTBA
W152023/12/16 Saturday~Minnesota VikingsCincinnati BengalsTBA
W152023/12/16 Saturday~Chicago BearsCleveland BrownsTBA
W152023/12/16 Saturday~Denver BroncosDetroit LionsTBA
W152023/12/16 Saturday~Pittsburgh SteelersIndianapolis ColtsTBA
W152023/12/17 SundayTampa Bay BuccaneersGreen Bay Packers1:00 PM
W152023/12/17 SundayNew York JetsMiami Dolphins1:00 PM
W152023/12/17 SundayNew York GiantsNew Orleans Saints1:00 PM
W152023/12/17 SundayHouston TexansTennessee Titans1:00 PM
W152023/12/17 SundaySan Francisco 49ersArizona Cardinals4:05 PM
W152023/12/17 SundayWashington CommandersLos Angeles Rams4:05 PM
W152023/12/17 SundayDallas CowboysBuffalo Bills4:25 PM
W152023/12/17 SundayPhiladelphia EaglesSeattle Seahawks4:25 PM
W152023/12/17 SundayBaltimore RavensJacksonville Jaguars8:20 PM
W152023/12/18 MondayKansas City ChiefsNew England Patriots8:15 PM
W162023/12/21 ThursdayNew Orleans SaintsLos Angeles Rams8:15 PM
W162023/12/23 SaturdayCincinnati BengalsPittsburgh Steelers4:30 PM
W162023/12/23 SaturdayBuffalo BillsLos Angeles Chargers8:00 PM
W162023/12/24 SundayIndianapolis ColtsAtlanta Falcons1:00 PM
W162023/12/24 SundayGreen Bay PackersCarolina Panthers1:00 PM
W162023/12/24 SundayCleveland BrownsHouston Texans1:00 PM
W162023/12/24 SundayDetroit LionsMinnesota Vikings1:00 PM
W162023/12/24 SundayWashington CommandersNew York Jets1:00 PM
W162023/12/24 SundaySeattle SeahawksTennessee Titans1:00 PM
W162023/12/24 SundayJacksonville JaguarsTampa Bay Buccaneers4:05 PM
W162023/12/24 SundayArizona CardinalsChicago Bears4:25 PM
W162023/12/24 SundayDallas CowboysMiami Dolphins4:25 PM
W162023/12/24 SundayNew England PatriotsDenver Broncos8:15 PM
W162023/12/25 MondayLas Vegas RaidersKansas City Chiefs1:00 PM
W162023/12/25 MondayNew York GiantsPhiladelphia Eagles4:30 PM
W162023/12/25 MondayBaltimore RavensSan Francisco 49ers8:15 PM
W172023/12/28 ThursdayNew York JetsCleveland Browns8:15 PM
W172023/12/30 SaturdayDetroit LionsDallas Cowboys8:15 PM
W172023/12/31 SundayMiami DolphinsBaltimore Ravens1:00 PM
W172023/12/31 SundayNew England PatriotsBuffalo Bills1:00 PM
W172023/12/31 SundayAtlanta FalconsChicago Bears1:00 PM
W172023/12/31 SundayTennessee TitansHouston Texans1:00 PM
W172023/12/31 SundayLas Vegas RaidersIndianapolis Colts1:00 PM
W172023/12/31 SundayCarolina PanthersJacksonville Jaguars1:00 PM
W172023/12/31 SundayLos Angeles RamsNew York Giants1:00 PM
W172023/12/31 SundayArizona CardinalsPhiladelphia Eagles1:00 PM
W172023/12/31 SundayNew Orleans SaintsTampa Bay Buccaneers1:00 PM
W172023/12/31 SundaySan Francisco 49ersWashington Commanders1:00 PM
W172023/12/31 SundayPittsburgh SteelersSeattle Seahawks4:05 PM
W172023/12/31 SundayLos Angeles ChargersDenver Broncos4:25 PM
W172023/12/31 SundayCincinnati BengalsKansas City Chiefs4:25 PM
W172023/12/31 SundayGreen Bay PackersMinnesota Vikings8:20 PM
W182024/01/07 Sunday*^Seattle SeahawksArizona CardinalsTBA
W182024/01/07 Sunday*^Pittsburgh SteelersBaltimore RavensTBA
W182024/01/07 Sunday*^Tampa Bay BuccaneersCarolina PanthersTBA
W182024/01/07 Sunday*^Cleveland BrownsCincinnati BengalsTBA
W182024/01/07 Sunday*^Minnesota VikingsDetroit LionsTBA
W182024/01/07 Sunday*^Chicago BearsGreen Bay PackersTBA
W182024/01/07 Sunday*^Houston TexansIndianapolis ColtsTBA
W182024/01/07 Sunday*^Kansas City ChiefsLos Angeles ChargersTBA
W182024/01/07 Sunday*^Denver BroncosLas Vegas RaidersTBA
W182024/01/07 Sunday*^Buffalo BillsMiami DolphinsTBA
W182024/01/07 Sunday*^New York JetsNew England PatriotsTBA
W182024/01/07 Sunday*^Atlanta FalconsNew Orleans SaintsTBA
W182024/01/07 Sunday*^Philadelphia EaglesNew York GiantsTBA
W182024/01/07 Sunday*^Los Angeles RamsSan Francisco 49ersTBA
W182024/01/07 Sunday*^Jacksonville JaguarsTennessee TitansTBA
W182024/01/07 Sunday*^Dallas CowboysWashington CommandersTBA

^ (Wembley Stadium) London UK game
^^ (Tottenham Hotspur Stadium) London UK game
* (Frankfurt Stadium) Frankfurt, Germany game
~ Tentative flex schedule game, start time and dates is subject to change.
*^ Week 18 games TBD on dates and times.