Best NFL Helmet Logos

NFL team helmets distinguishes franchises from each other more than team uniforms. Sure it’s a matter of taste, and it’s debatable which design is better, but let’s look at some of the best designs.

New England Patriots

Pat the Patriot hiking the football. How unique is that? The red, white, and blue is also a perfect match for the team’s nickname.

New England Patriots Helmet 1990-1992

Houston Oilers

The Oilers logo was one of the best logos in the NFL. On the helmet, it looks perfectly symmetrical and matches the simplicity of their uniform.

Houston Oilers Throwback Helmet 1991-1996

Miami Dolphins

Dolphins jumping through a sun ray wearing a football helmet? Yes, it’s awesome and a classic.

Miami Dolphins Helmet 1973-1979

Cincinnati Bengals

The tiger stripes is one of the most unique designs in the NFL. There’s no denying what they stand for. It’s simple and effective.

Cincinnati Bengals Helmet

Green Bay Packers

The Packers G design is such a classic that 2 colleges, Grambling State and Georgia, were granted permission to use the same design.

Green Bay Packers Throwback Helmet 1961-1979

Los Angeles / San Diego Chargers

The lightning bolt is simple and classic and matches their blot uniforms perfectly.

San Diego Chargers Throwback Helmet 1974-1987

Los Angeles / St. Louis Rams

Instead of using their logo on the helmet, the rams horn really makes the helmet design unique and stand out.

Los Angeles Rams Throwback Helmet 1981-1999