How to Watch NFL Streaming Live for FREE

There are multiple ways to stream NFL games. In fact, there are too many options that are confusing to the average fan.

If you subscribe to your local cable network, they will offer multiple ways to watch via your cablebox, Roku or Fire TV app, and even in your browser. If you subscribe to any of the OTT services like Sling TV, YouTube TV or Hulu Live, you can also watch it through it streaming device app or on your computer browser.

What if you just want to watch local NFL games channels streamed to your favorite device or on your computer. Locast is a free streaming service you can use as they operate as a non-for-profit organization. Sign up for a free Locast account. It will identify your location to fetch your local channels. Watch any channel stream on your Chrome browser or use Chrome’s casting capability to cast it to your chromecast enabled device like Nest Hub or any other casting enabled device or TV. Now on NFL games days, you’re able to stream live games without even using an antenna.