NBA League Pass Subscription & Price

NBA League Pass Subscription 2021 Price

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NBA League Pass, a subscription-based video streaming service, is available to passionate basketball fans who want to watch live NBA games across different platforms, from TV and broadband to tablets, mobile and streaming devices. To purchase your subscription, you can either sign up on or buy it from your local cable or streaming service […]

NBA League Pass logo

NBA League Pass Customer Service Phone Number

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For NBA League Pass customer service, you can go to’s support center. NBA League Pass support pages has FAQs regarding package choices, access, account management and billing questions. You can submit an email question via the online form. To contact a customer service rep by telephone, you can call the phone number 1-844-622-8550 from […]

Philadelphia Warriors 1946-1947

Original NBA Teams 1946-1947 Season

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The NBA originated in 1946 with 11 teams. The league did not have a NBA logo until 1950 season. In that season, the league was known as Basketball Association of America (BAA). The original teams played a 60-game schedule with the postseason playoffs in 1947. Philadelphia Warriors became the first BAA Champion, beating the Chicago […]

Washington Wizards Transparent Team Logo

Washington Wizards Logo History

The franchise played the first season as the Chicago Packers before changing its name to the Zephyrs for its second season. In 1963, the team moved to Baltimore, the city with a rich military history, and became the Bullets. In 1973, the team moved to the neighboring Washington and became the Capital Bullets, and then […]

Utah Jazz Transparent Team Logo

Utah Jazz Logo History

Utah Jazz started in New Orleans in 1974. As the undisputed “jazz capital of the world”, the city embraced their basketball nickname. In 1979, ownership moved the the team to Salt Lake City, Utah. Despite no history of Jazz music in Utah, the team kept its name. The current logo is a modern take on […]

San Antonoio Spurs Transparent Team Logo

San Antonio Spurs Logo History

The San Antonio Spurs started out as the Dallas Chaparrals in the American Basketball Association (ABA). The team was sold to a group of San Antonio businessmen in 1973 and relocated to San Antonio and became the Spurs. The Spurs team logo is a graphic representation of its name. Team Logos Tweets by spurs

Sacramento Kings Transparent Team Logo

Sacramento Kings Logo History

The Sacramento Kings are the oldest franchise in the NBA, starting as Rochester Royals in 1945 as part of the Basketball Association of America. The team relocated to Cincinnati in 1957 before moving to Sacramento in 1985 and became the Sacramento Kings. The current logo emblem is inspired by the Kings classic logo from 1985 […]

Portland Trail Blazers Transparent Team Logo

Portland Trail Blazers Logo History

The Portland Trail Blazers joined the NBA as an expansion team in 1970. Their nickname is an allusion to the Lewis and Clark Expedition, which ended not far from present-day Portland. The team’s “pinwheel” logo is a graphic interpretation of two five-on-five basketball teams lined up against each other. Team Logos Tweets by trailblazers

Phoenix Suns Transparent Team Logo

Phoenix Suns Logo History

The Phoenix Suns began play as an expansion team in 1968. Stan Fabe designed the sunburst logo all Suns fans are familiar with today. The Suns logo has changed throughout the years, but the team have always kept the sunburst concept. Team Logos Tweets by Suns

Philadelphia 76ers Transparent Team Logo

Philadelphia 76ers (Sixers) Logo History

The Philadelphia 76ers was founded in 1946 and originally known as the Syracuse Nationals. The team moved to Philadelphia in 1963 and became the 76ers. Commonly known as the Sixers, the current logo is a modern take on the old logo which features the number 76 with 13 stars arranged in a circle. The stars […]