Best Logos in MLB

Major League Baseball (MLB) transparent logo PNG

Major League Baseball is one of the oldest professional sports leagues in US. Here are the best MLB logos through the years, including current, retro and teams that don’t exist anymore.

Milwaukee Brewers (2020-present)

Milwaukee Brewers logo transparent PNG

New York Yankees (1968-present)

New York Yankees Logo transparent PNG

Montreal Expos (1969-1991)

Montreal Expos Logo 1969-1991 transparent PNG

Houston Astros (1977-1993)

Houston Astros Logo 1977-1993

Chicago Cubs (1979-present)

Chicago Cubs logo transparent PNG

Anaheim Angels (1997-2001)

Anaheim Angels Logo 1997-2001

Baltimore Orioles (1989-1991)

Baltimore Orioles Logo 1989-1991

Chicago White Sox (1987-1990)

Chicago White Sox Logo 1987-1990

Toronto Blue Jays (1977-1996)

Toronto Blue Jays Logo 1977-1996