New Retro Classic Basketball Shoes Styles & Prices

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan sneakers

Whether you are a NBA fan or just a sneaker fanatic, your shoes fashion statement is always under scrutiny. Here’s a look at some of the best new but classic style retro basketball shoes that will sure to make you talk of the game.


Michael Jordan made Nike basketball shoes famous and Air Jordan shoes are still the most highly-sought sneakers for fans and collectors. When it comes it retro styles, Air Flight is worth a look. The Air Force comes with high-cut collar with classic hook-and-loop. Now that’s style whether you ball or not.


Hoops 3.0 Mid Classic vintage basketball sneakers hits all the retro mark for Adidas. They even have a winterized version for those cold fall and winter days on the outdoor basketball court.


When you think of classic Reebok shoes, you’re think of the Reebok Pump. Yes they are back at a hefty price.


PUMA Rebound LayUp sneakers are inspired by classic court styles and is a new interpretation of the mid-cut basketball trainer. The Rebound Alumni features leather upper with a collar strap.


Avia is back with the 830 and 880 basketball shoes. Avia’s reissue of the shoe once worn by both Scottie Pippen and Clyde Drexler kept everything true to the original, down to the last stitch.