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List of Marvel Movies (MCU)

Marvel Movies List in Order of Release Date

The complete list of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies in order of release date. The MCU movie plan stretches out to 2022 so keep checking back for more information on future movie release dates.

Release DateMovieDirectorBox Office (Budget)
2008/05/02Iron ManJon Favreau$585.2 M ($140 M)
2008/06/13The Incredible HulkLouis Leterrier$263.4 M ($150 M)
2010/05/07Iron Man 2Jon Favreau$623.9 M ($200 M)
2011/05/06ThorKenneth Branagh$449.3 M ($150 M)
2011/07/22Captain America: The First AvengerJoe Johnston$370.6 M ($140 M)
2012/05/04Marvel’s The AvengersJoss Whedon$1.519 B ($220 M)
2013/05/03Iron Man 3Shane Black$1.215 B ($200 M)
2013/11/08Thor: The Dark WorldAlan Taylor$644.6 M ($170 M)
2014/04/04Captain America: The Winter SoldierAnthony and Joe Russo$714.3 M ($177 M)
2014/08/01Guardians of the GalaxyJames Gunn$773.3 M ($232 M)
2015/05/01Avengers: Age of UltronJoss Whedon$1.405 B ($316 M)
2015/07/17Ant-ManPeyton Reed$519.3 M ($142 M)
2016/05/06Captain America: Civil WarAnthony and Joe Russo$1.153 B ($250 M)
2016/11/04Doctor StrangeScott Derrickson$677.7 M ($165 M)
2017/05/05Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2James Gunn$863.6 M ($200 M)
2017/07/07Spider-Man: HomecomingJon Watts$880.2 M ($175 M)
2017/11/03Thor: RagnarokTaika Waititi$853.8 M ($180 M)
2018/02/16Black PantherRyan Coogler$1.346 B ($200 M)
2018/04/27The Avengers: Infinity WarAnthony Russo, Joe Russo$2.005 B ($316-400 M)
2018/07/06Ant-Man And The WaspPeyton Reed$622.7 M ($162–195 M)
2019/03/08Captain MarvelAnna Boden, Ryan Fleck$1.092 B ($152–175 M)
2019/04/26The Avengers: EndgameAnthony Russo, Joe Russo
2019/07/05Spider-Man 2: Far From HomeJon Watts

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